Beer Can Jousting Fun For Fans Of Chivalry, Beer

This is kind of a tailgating post, but it’s also a post about a new sport that I think has quite the future. Ground zero for the spread of beer can jousting — do I even have to tell you? — is Philadelphia, more specifically the parking lot outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Beer Knight

(Close but not quite.)

The rules of the game are simple. Drink ten beers. Duct tape said cans together. Find equally drunk friend. Hop on his back and ride your valiant steed toward victory (Video of these mighty warriors after the jump).

How do you tell who won? If your pants fall down, like the guy in the second clip, you didn’t win. And if you’re a white guy with dreadlocks like from the first clip, you’re a loser no matter how you do.

I haven’t yet had the privilege to take part in beer can jousting, but I can tell you I’d throw a couple of full cans along the length of my lance. That extra weight will really make the difference.