Beckham’s Scoring Range Is 70 Yards And In

It’s not every day you see a 70-yard scoring play that doesn’t involve Adrian Peterson, so we feel compelled to pass it along.

Beckham Fathead

This one involves the L.A. Galaxy’s David Beckham and a poorly-timed effort by the opposing goaltender. No Laker girls were harmed in this performance.

From 100% INJURY RATE, the Kansas City Wizards’ goalie came out of his net to give his team a man advantage in the closing minutes of Saturday’s match, or game, or whatever those guys call it. Anyway, Becks manages to gain possession and then does what he does…

It’s reminiscent of his 60-yard blast against Wimbeldon in 1998:

It’s nice to see our British import actually playing in a game and earning some of that massive contract that he signed last year. Jolly good, indeed.