Beckham To Make Return To MLS Thursday Night

AT LEAST HE CAN HELP US SCORE SPICE GIRLS TICKETS: How far has David Beckham fallen off the sports media map? At the very bottom of today’s NEW YORK TIMES soccer profile piece on Thierry Henry and notes column, Jack Bell reports “David Beckham is expected to return to the lineup tomorrow night, when the Los Angeles Galaxy plays host to the Red Bulls. Beckham has not played since Aug. 29, when he sprained his right knee.

David Beckham

Not a big shock that Beckham would return against, of all teams, New York, but one wonders if his comeback is such a great idea. Without him, “the Galaxy has won five straight games and is one of four teams competing for the two remaining postseason berths.

It’s clear now that Beckham has completely fallen out of America’s consciousness, sports or otherwise. And because he’s not an electrifying on-field performer, it’s highly unlikely anyone outside Carson, Calif., is going to care going forward.

David Beckham Victoria Beckham

Ironically, his wife Victoria has had more face time than Beckham in front of a national audience here, thanks to her god-awful fake reality show and now upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour.

After that wraps and the MLS season slinks away, we’re guessing the designer duo may just sneak back across the pond for good.