Beck On Urlacher: ‘I Think This Guy Is a Neo-Nazi’ is a new website launched by the Washington Post company targeting a black audience. The site recently posted a featured titled, “the blackest white people we know.” 33 individuals were listed, with Glenn Beck checking in at #2:

Glenn Beck calls Brian Urlacher a neo-nazi

The emotional right-wing talk show was probably the last person on earth we’d put on this list until he discovered that blacks have been all but removed from the history of America’s founding, and actually gave a black history lesson on his cable TV show. Yet we suspect we’ll have to revoke it after his upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the “I Have a Dream” speech anniversary.

Shortly after the website posted the feature, Beck responded to it on his Fox News TV show. While looking at photos of the 33 in the piece, Beck pointed at Brian Urlacher, who thanks to his playing career as an NFL linebacker, made the list.

Glenn Beck calls Brian Urlacher a neo-nazi

Beck said of Urlacher, “I think this guy is a neo-nazi.

Beck then moved on to the next person.

I’m assuming he was joking about Urlacher but with Beck, I wouldn’t begin to pretend to know.