That Fishing Trip Sure Wore Out Michael Beasley

TMZ has a post-rehab (Oct. 10) photo today of Michael Beasley and a “female companion”

Michael Beasley Asleep On Fishing Trip

(So where’s the purple Gatorade?)

Heat claim Beasley was drankin’ “purple Gatorade”, buying it?

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Backstory? Let Miami Heat staffer Tim Donovan explain:

“(The photo was from) a fishing trip arranged by the team … Michael was not drinking at all … except for water and purple Gatorade.”

More from TMZ:

Donovan also claims Michael’s counselor was with him on the trip and the woman sleeping next to him is just a friend.

So why was Beasley passed out?? Donovan says Beasley was simply tired from practice earlier that day and needed some shut eye.

Not denying that that could be completely true. But the woman in the shot, doesn’t that just scream “the morning after”?