Beasley Admits NCAA Sins, Implicates Huggins

Eric Prisbell and Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST report that as part of a current Maryland Circuit Court case, Michael Beasley recently revealed stunning details about his recruitment to Kansas State and one year-stay at the school.

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(PDF: See Pages 7-8)

In a counterclaim filed late last month by attorney Mark A. Smith on behalf of Beasley against his former NBA agent Joel Bell, the ex-Kansas State star reported in Montgomery County Circuit Court documents that former Kansas State basketball head coach Bob Huggins hired Beasley’s ex-AAU Coach as an assistant coach for the Wildcats essentially in exchange for Beasley attending the school.

From Beasley’s attorney in court documents dated Sept. 27, 2011:

After (former Beasley AAU Coach) Hill had worked for Charlotte a couple of years, on information and belief, Bob Huggins of Kansas State wanted Beasley, so he offered Hill an assistant coaching job at Kansas State with a salary that ended up being in excess of $420,000. Hill took the job, and Beasley went to Kansas State.

Beasley also submitted to the Maryland Court that the founder of the AAU team he played on before attending K-State, Curtis Malone, was a “runner” for NBA Agent Bell. Beasley further asserted that Malone - via Bell - bankrolled Beasley’s mother’s move to Manhattan so she could be close to her son - among other things.

From Beasley’s court filing:

Malone promoted that Ms. Smith [move] to Kansas with Beasley to, among other things, keep other agents away from him. …

Smith (Beasley’s mother) moved to Kansas in June of 2007. The man that Malone had introduced to her paid for Ms. Smith’s moving to Kansas and made a lump-sum payment to cover the first six months of her rent while she was there … 

… On information and belief, shortly afterwards, Bell phoned Ms. Smith and asked her the amount of her rent and her car payment and that they would be taken care and they were, Ms. Smith never made a rent or car payment during Beasley’s entire freshman year as a player for Kansas State, His only year of collegiate basketball prior to going pro.

Beasley’s admissions are particularly troubling considering the alleged personal level of complicity by Huggins and Hill in committing what can only be construed as major NCAA violations. Not to mention the fact that it is Beasley himself admitting to an extraordinary level of extra benefits the level of which was most recently seen in NCAA rules violations committed by USC’s Reggie Bush and his family.

With the revelations by Beasley well within the NCAA’s five-year statute of limitations window, it will be interesting to see how accountable the NCAA holds Kansas State for Beasley’s now-admitted rules violations in relation to the basketball programs of the current employers of Huggins (West Virginia) and Hill (Maryland).

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