Bears Lineman Gets His Face On Some Hot Buns

Let Peyton Manning maintain his Mastercard. Have Tiger Woods gulp down his Gatorade. Allow Donovan McNabb to slurp up his Chunky soup.

Roberto Garza Chicago Bears Super Bun

But as far as athletes & product endorsements go, none of those guys can hold a jock strap to Roberto Garza and Super Bun!

Wait - Who? What?

Benjy Lipsman of CHICAGOIST pays a visit to his local grocer’s freezer, and comes across a tasty treat emblazoned with the smiling face of Garza, offensive guard for the Chicago Bears.

But before you scoff as such a marketing choice, keep in mind that Roberto’s not just some corporate shill for the Super Bun people, he’s an MVP - Most Valuable Person!

And Garza couldn’t have been luckier to associate with such snacks, as the package proudly proclaims itself as “#1 In Nutrition!

In comparison to what, we’re not exactly sure - other frozen cinnamon bun breakfast products, we suppose.

Sadly, no mention of Roberto’s Super Bun MVP award has appeared on his website. You’d think a guy would be real proud of earning such an honor.