Bears GM ‘Disappointed’ in Benson But No Cut Yet

THE DAILY HERALD spoke to Chicago Bears General Manager (and the man responsible for drafting Cedric Benson) Jerry Angelo at a charity event over the weekend and got the first comments about Benson’s recent choppy waters in Texas:

Cedric Benson and Jerry Angelo

“The thing that I am most disappointed in is the fact that he put himself in a position to be the victim… He’s done a real fine job in the off-season, (but) obviously this makes big story lines. That’s not good for business. Unfortunately we’re having to deal with it, and we’ll just wait and see how all the facts present themselves.”

Now that sounds like the proper defense for a 3.4 yards-per-rush running back.

Angelo also emphasized he has no interest in cutting Benson yet. (Considering their depth chart, there’s no rush.) Frankly, he doesn’t see all the fuss:

“I’m a little surprised it’s an everyday story, but unfortunately it is and he’s having to deal with it.”

Maybe because Benson won’t shut up about it. (We emphasize this is his privilege as an American citizen, but we also see a rather strong correlation between the persistence of the news and his consistent evidence trickle.) (For which we thank him.)

See you at minicamp, Cedric. We recommend flying in.