Beagle Numero Uno For Westminster Best In Show

The NEW YORK TIMES fetches news that Uno was named Westminster’s best in show on Tuesday night, becoming the first beagle to claim that title.

Uno the beagle wins Westminster's Best in Show

Uno, known professionally as Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First, was a favorite of the Madison Square Garden crowd, receiving “thunderous applause” during his entrance. USA Network analyst David Frei commented about Uno’s reception, “That was the loudest I’ve heard it in 19 years.”

Dr. J. Donald Jones, the judge deciding the best in show, was also obviously smitten with Uno: “He’s the most perfect beagle I’ve ever seen. If you saw him, you saw that perfectly smooth locomotion. Not one muscle went the wrong way. Look at his face, you melt right down.”

Snoopy dancing statue

Somewhere, Snoopy is dancing for joy.