La. Residents Still Angry At BCS Sponsor Allstate

When it comes to Allstate, local Louisiana residents like to give a middle finger to the “Good Hands” people.

Allstate BCS Hurricane Katrina damage

The NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE reports there’s still a lot of ill will from hurricane-harassed homeowners aimed at the insurance company. What irks many is Allstate’s sponsoring of the Sugar Bowl & tonight’s BCS Championship game, both played at the Superdome.

Many policyholders still have wrecked homes from Hurricane Katrina, and they’re angry that their insurance company would rather spend millions on college football advertising instead of fixing their claims.

In 2006, Allstate received the most complaints by homeowners to the Louisiana Department of Insurance, criticizing their damage inspection process and the cancellation of policies. One taxi driver said that Allstate wouldn’t cover $30,000 done to his home, then they canceled his policy when he missed a payment - because it was mailed to the wrong address.

So, if you hear any boos coming from New Orleans during tonight’s game, most will be during these commercials.