BBC Sports Reporter Mocks Spanish Plane Crash

There are a few things you should never mock in life. One of them (lookin’ at you, Larry Brown!) is airplane crashes. Just nothing funny about people dying on board a hunk of metal moving several thousand feet above the ground.


So when BBC soccer reporter Chris Price decided to make a sports/plane crash analogy, he probably shouldn’t have expected things to turn out well. And they haven’t! Now the BBC is backtracking quickly and issuing apologies all over the place.

From the DAILY MAIL:

Reporter Chris Price was speaking live on air when he said Rochdale ‘were making more holes in the Bradford defence than in a Spanish aircraft’.

He was speaking on Saturday just three days after a Spanair plane crashed at Barajas International airport in Madrid killing at least 153 people. Outraged listeners complained to BBC Radio Manchester, which has now been forced to issue an apology.

Freelance journalist Price, 25, from Rochdale, said he had been trying to add some colour to his report during the live update on the League Two match. But he admitted he had made a ‘horrible mistake’.

Yeah, you think? At least Price didn’t say anything crazy like “That’s why … you never make fun of the Chinese“. Because then he would actually be fired instead of just being cheeky and flummoxed and all that.

It’s odd, though, because all of the BBC people are talking about Price’s wording as “descriptive” and he thinks that his phrase adds colour color, which makes me think that these people may be a touch on the sickly side.

I mean, it’s really not that hard, people: Don’t joke about airplane crashes.