Baylor URLs Send Surfers To Texas A&M Website

With URLs named, and, you would expect to see sites celebrating the Big 12 school’s sports teams.

Baylor mascot head cover

And you do see a Big 12 school - but it’s Texas A&M.

Those addresses - along with & - all forward surfers to the Aggies’ official athletic site. But now an arbitrator has ruled that such an online setup is Bear-ly legal.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that the National Arbitration Forum has ordered the owner of the five sites to transfer them to the Waco university, declaring that the domain names are “confusingly similar to Baylor’s sites and the owner has no legitimate interest in the names.”

So, who’s behind the false advertising?

The owner, identified in documents only as “JS,” claimed he was a Baylor alumnus and had planned to use the sites for alumni social networks but never had enough money to do so, according to the arbitration forum’s decision.

If he was a Baylor boy, why not link to Baylor’s official sports site? Either BU’s computer classes don’t teach very well, or he’s actually an Aggie man.

We’re prone to believe the latter. Probably some fan still sore about the Bears’ 5-OT win over A&M in January - and still simmering about that OT football loss in 2004.

As for the pseudo-Baylor sites, the Chronicle article ran last Monday. But as of Friday morning, the sites still aim for Aggieland. Now that the Bears have bid adieu to the Tourney, maybe the athletic department can now focus their attention to to rectifying the situation.

Unless no one’s raised a stink because no one visits Baylor sports pages.