Bat Colony Exacts Its Revenge On Manu Ginobili

It’s not that we don’t appreciate PETA - we do, animal abuse is awful* - but we always thought that they went about this Manu Ginobili bat incident all wrong. Instead of hounding him for an apology or whatever it is they wanted from him, why didn’t they just figure out a way to, as THE ONION suggests via the picture below, even the score?

Manu Ginobili vs. Thousands of Bats

Manu Ginobili vs. a giant colony of bats: WHO YA GOT?

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Now, granted, it’s probably not in PETA’s mission statement to arrange cruel and unusual “death matches,” even if both sides were practically spoiling for the fight. But this is the sort of thing they could use to really bolster their national presence. I say do it; Manu already has his rabies shots and everything. Satisfy our bloodlust, then you can lecture everybody about the sanctity of all life afterward.

*unless it results in steak or bacon, of course.