B-Ball Team Krunks Foes With 194-Point Pounding

The East Kentucky Miners hit the mother lode Sunday, as the minor league basketball team finished their game only 6 points away from bucketing 200.

East Kentucky Miners cheerleaders mascot

(The East Kentucky Miners’ Diamond Girls, with Hard Hat Harry)

OUR SPORTS CENTRAL bounces up news that the pride of Pikeville crushed the Atlanta Krunk 194-115 in CBA action, with eight different Miners digging up double-digits in scoring.

It is nice to see the Continental Basketball Association still alive, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Isiah Thomas years.

It’s true, Knicks fans - your team isn’t the only b-ball organization the popcorn pusher is bent on destroying. In 1999, an investment group led by Thomas purchased all the teams in the 53-year old league. And within 2 years, the entire CBA folded.

Yet the league has, *ahem*, rebounded back into existence. So there’s still hope for the MSG crowd.

Anyway, the 194 points obviously broke the all-time league record of 183, set by the Anchorage Northern Lights back in 1979. (Wonder if ESPN was around yet to showcase the highlights.)

And before you ask - yes, there is a team called the Atlanta Krunk. And they face off against opponents like the Albany Patroons, the Minot Skyrockets, and our personal favorite - the Butte Daredevils.

Insert your own jokes here.

(Heh-heh, insert.)