Basketball Hall of Fame Awards Look A Little Stiff

• THE ASSOCIATION wonders when did Ron Jeremy join the NBA, as they sneak a peek at this year’s Basketball Hall of Fame awards:

Phil Jackson HOF award

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS gives a toast to David Boston, who was let go by the B-U-C-S for DUI charges.

• BUGS AND CRANKS asks fellow Yankee pitchers to lend Roger Clemens a hand - or better yet, their whole arms.

• BEST WEEK EVER runs down the line-up for this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” - in more ways than one:

Mark Cuban Wayne Newton

• FOX SPORTS’ $8 BEERS does a little turn on the catwalk, as they fashionably rank the NFL’s uniforms.

• Now that Rick Ankiel has broken our hearts, THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS is feeling Grand about Curtis.