Baseball Rain Delay Turns Into Massive Dance-Off

When you think college baseball, you probably don’t think of the Big East. Well, after what transpired yesterday, you still won’t. But when it comes to impromptu rain-delay dance-offs? Accept no substitute.

UConn South Florida dance off

UConn and South Florida were slated to play for the right to advance to the semifinals of the tournament, but some rain got in the way. So much rain that the game was eventually called off and rescheduled for this morning. So what did they do to entertain themselves during the rain delay? Dance. And they danced like they they’ve never danced before. Actually, in South Florida’s case, they danced like they’ve been preparing for this moment all season. To the point where you wonder if they actually practice baseball in between dance rehearsals.

Ten glorious minutes of your life you’ll never get back, after the jump.

THE COLLEGE BASEBALL BLOG brings us the spectacular video footage:

The Bulls are clearly the winners, highlighted by a nice group routine at the 3:15 mark and a couple of standout individual dancers. The Huskies tried to redeem themselves by doing the ol’ put-the-uniform-on-upside-down-to-make-it-look-like-you’re-dancing-on-your-head thing but they had dug too much of a hole at that point. They went to the Macarena way too early in the proceedings, and never could get things back on track.

The contest came to a dramatic head around the seven-minute mark when the two teams got together behind home plate for a fierce Irish jig showdown. Each group had a quality Riverdancer, but it’s not going to make me forget about this:

At about the 10:20 mark the shirts started to come off, which was a clue that the dance-off had run its course.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, they were there for a baseball tournament, and when the game finally happened this morning UConn won 4-2. UConn moves to the semis, while USF moves to the loser’s bracket against West Virginia. Here’s hoping the rain stays away. I think we all can agree that we don’t need to see any Morgantown-based dance moves on display.