Baseball GMs Vote To Add Instant Replay For Home Runs

INSTANT REPLAY PITCH A HOME RUN WITH BASEBALL GMs: Let’s see that again - Instant replay may soon be coming to Major League Baseball:

Woody Williams MLB video camera

The NEW YORK TIMES reports that MLB general managers voted 25-5 to add video review to games. The replays would only be used for questionable home run calls. So, the Padres still would’ve been out of this year’s playoffs.However, the GM clearance is just the first step in a lengthy process. The plan would still need to be okayed by baseball owners, players, umpires and commissioner Bud Selig. As MLB Executive VP Jimmie Lee Solomon notes, “We have glacier-like movement in baseball.”

Jeffrey Maier Yankees Orioles catch

Besides, any decisions made would already be 11 years too late for the Baltimore Orioles.