Bisher: ‘Oriental’ MLB Trip Harkens Pearl Harbor

We didn’t realize 89-year-old Furman Bisher was still penning columns for the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION until today. We read him during our time at the University of Georgia and often saw him puttering around the press box at old Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta.

Furman Bisher

Bisher was born in 1918, so we’re guessing World War II had quite an impact on his life. Actually, no need to guess, just read his piece in the AJC today about MLB opening its season in Japan. We’re guessing the night desk editors squirmed before hitting “publish” on it.


Well, not any longer. Money can change any habit. Eight springs ago the Mets and Cubs opened the season, not in Cincinnati. Guess where? Tokyo. That Tokyo, the guys who gave us Pearl Harbor. Some people don’t like you to bring that up, trade with Japan is so hot. But I’ve got a long memory. I saw what a few bombs can do to our property.

While we respect Bisher’s perspective on the subject of WWII, he might ask the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki what a few bombs did to their property.

And sadly, Bisher also couldn’t get out of the column without dropping an “Oriental” on us: “Why not? A Japanese newspaper chain, Yomiuri, foots the bill for this Oriental excursion.

Is it time for someone on Peachtree Street to pull the ripcord on Bisher’s career? Are we overreacting?