Barry Zito Goes To Hollywood For Night With Paris

I suppose one trainwreck deserves another. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Paris Hilton’s new squeeze appears to be none other Giants pitcher Barry Zito, a man being paid nearly $20 million a year to not get anybody out.

Barry Zito and Paris Hilton

Perhaps Barry is still crushed over the news that his ex, Alyssa Milano, is getting married, and is taking out some frustration. My best guess, though, is that Paris thinks she’s dating Matt Leinart and doesn’t know any better.

Details of Paris and Barry’s night out after the jump.

That bastion of Pulitzer-worthy journalism, PEOPLE, has the scoop. The two were getting close at the opening of a new club in Hollywood called MyHouse (Zito gets invited to this stuff?):

Whether it was drinking, hugging, whispering, laughing or holding hands, the two were focused only on each other – and Hilton looked really happy, a clubgoer tells us.

Hilton was also dancing on everything – the couches, the tables and her man.

Perhaps Zito has finally found someone who lives on his planet, which is rumored to be much different from the one we inhabit. This is, after all, a guy who’s allegedly bought his own autographed baseball cards on eBay and chose the number 75 for his jersey because it “creates a really nice shelf” for his last name to rest on.

I’m just hoping they make an album together. Who wouldn’t be morbidly curious to hear that?