Bonds To BoSox? Schilling Shudders At Thought

Is Barry Bonds Boston bound? Curt Schilling sure doesn’t hope so.

Curt Schilling Barbara Bush Barry Bonds

(Barbara Bush is certainly scared at the prospect of Bonds in Beantown)

The BOSTON GLOBE’s BUZZ was tuned into ESPN’s umpteenth telecast of the Red Sox-Yankees on Sunday, when Peter Gammons mentioned that the Sox were involved in “internal discussions” about the out-of-work slugger.

(Of course, “internal discussions” can mean anything from “Should we give Barry Bonds a chance at a roster spot?” to “Isn’t Barry Bonds the biggest d*ck you ever met?“)

However, Gammons added that it was “unlikely” that the team would give the 43-year-old suspected steroid user a tryout. Still, Schilling shudders at the thought that Barry would ever be in Beantown.

The shelved Sox pitcher was on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” show Monday morning, discussing a variety of topics from his own rehab to All-Star Game selections & snubs. When the subject of Bonds-to-Boston came up, Schilling was curt with his comments:

I’ve never been a fan, so you’re not going to find an endorsement for that one here.”

And Curt added that he wasn’t sure how Bonds would fit in Fenway:

“That would be an eye opener for sure. I know Barry said in the past that he hates the city of Boston. I really don’t know. I have no idea. I hadn’t even thought about that one, I didn’t think that was on the radar.”

But Schilling wouldn’t put it past Sox management to give Bonds a try:

“I can’t imagine it would be (worth the headache) here. But the bottom line is winning a World Series. I mean, what’s more important to the franchise, three months of what would be a PR nightmare, or putting another trophy up on the mantle.”

And we thought there was already enough tension in the Red Sox dugout. If Bonds & Schilling ever end up sharing space on the same bench, someone’s gonna get killed.

Full audio of Schilling’s interview can be heard here.