Melrose Bolting Bristol To Take Tampa Bay Job

Seems that Barry Melrose would rather be employed in sunny Florida than cold Connecticut, as the ESPN hockey analyst has been hired to become the new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

We wouldn’t have really believe it, had it not been reported by the Worldwide Leader themselves.

Barry Melrose and the Tampa Bay Lightning

Barry has always been fun to watch, even if his SportsCenter segments were usually slotted way later in the telecasts (such as it is when ESPN doesn’t broadcast NHL games). But Melrose must have had a bad itch to be back behind the bench - an itch that evenings spent with Steve Levy or John Buccigross just couldn’t scratch.

Melrose’s NHL coaching career is best remembered by taking the Los Angeles Kings to the Stanley Cup finals in 1993. (Of course, a little-known skater by the name of Wayne Gretzky may have helped somewhat.)

And now the new owners of the Lightning are hoping that Barry can bring back that kind of success - or at least bring some more media attention to their club.

Most of all, Barry’s marvelous mullet will easily blend in with the hairstyles of other Florida fans.