Barry Bonds Will Skip Out of Hall of Fame If Branded Ball Is There

BONDS WILL BID BYE-BYE TO HALL IF BRANDED BALL IS IN: If Barry Bonds’ home run record ball goes into the Hall of Fame with an asterisk, he’s not going in with it:

Barry Bonds asterisk baseball

Bonds told Jim Gray in an MSNBC interview that he’ll cancel his Cooperstown trip if his 756th home run ball gets accepted with the branded mark:”I will never be in the Hall of Fame….That’s my emotions now, that’s how I feel now. When I decide to retire five years from now, we’ll see where they are at that moment.”

Right now, the ball is in the hands of fashion designer Marc Ecko. After conducting an Internet poll to determine it’s fate, most fans chose to put an asterisk on the ball, instead of leaving it unmarked or sending it into space.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Ecko plans on donating the ball to the Hall of Fame - which will be a nice tax break for him - while the Cooperstown committee decides what to do. They can display it, seal it in their archives, or figure out some other action.Bonds won’t be eligible until 5 years after his retirement. And although his services are no longer wanted by the Giants, Barry still plans to play elsewhere.

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By the time his induction does roll around, he’ll probably be so pumped up he won’t fit through the Hall doors.