Barry Bonds Wants To Coach College Baseball

We haven’t heard too much from baseball’s all-time home run king Barry Bonds lately, as instead of playing baseball this season, Barry has been spending his time doing, well, whatever the hell Barry does in his free time. For the most part, whatever Bonds has been doing, it’s been away from a baseball field as no general manager in the game wants to touch him with a ten-foot pole at the moment.

Barry wants to coach college kids

Bonds did show up at AT&T Park last night, though, to help the Giants celebrate their 50th anniversary of moving to San Francisco. While he was there he also took the time to spend a half inning in the television booth with Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. One of the questions posed to Bonds was whether he ever envisions himself coaching baseball. Much to my surprise, Barry said yes, but not in the big leagues.


I think the best position for me would probably be in a college — that’s how I feel. I’d rather teach kids what they want to do and what to do to get to the major leagues. I see myself doing something like that moreso than doing something in the major leagues if that time comes for me to make that decision.

Anybody else a little wary over how Barry would teach the kids how to get to the Majors? Here, take these pills and then inject this needle into your butt. You’ll be there in no time. While Bonds went on to say that he’d prefer coaching somewhere like UCLA due to the school’s proximity to his home, I’m not sure there are many schools who would want to hire Bonds to coach.

Sure, it would bring a lot of attention to that school’s baseball program, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of attention the school would want. ESPN would have Pedro Gomez enrolling in classes just so he could follow Bonds around everywhere, and who wants Pedro Gomez on their campus? That guy is annoying.

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