Bye Bye Barry - Bonds Parts Ways With Giants

BYE-BYE BARRY; BONDS NOT COMING BACK WITH GIANTS: The Barry Bonds era in the Bay Area is now over:

Bonds Juice Barroid

BLOOMBERG reports that the slugger of 756* will not be back with the San Francisco Giants for the 2008 season.In a post on his website on Friday, Bonds says he was told by team owner Peter Magowan that his services were no longer required at AT&T Park.

Although he was given the news on Thursday, Bonds believes this wasn’t a last-minute decision, but “one that was made some time ago.”

Barry Bonds and new friend

Barry further gushes that the worst part is not getting to properly say “so long” to his fans - “I just wish I had known sooner, so we had more time to say our goodbyes and celebrate the best 15 years of my life.”This *is* sad - since every other fan outside the San Fran ballpark hates his guts.

Barry Bonds signs

But Barry may find some new friends after all, as questions are soon to arise as to where Bonds will be bashing next.Hello, Bronx?