New Barry Bonds Evidence Fueled Feds’ Indictment

CLAIM - FRESH EVIDENCE FUELING BONDS INDICTMENT? Gary Gaffney of STEROID NATION reports on a couple items that you aren’t seeing on the endless ESPNews loop: “There is new information in the Bonds indictment.

In the background information on the indictment written by Scott Schools, it is stated that Bonds tested positive for anabolic steroids and other perfomance enhancing drugs. That is the first time anywhere that statement has appeared.

Barry Bonds

Thus the government must have the results from the Questlab data they found last December.“Gaffney also surmises that Greg Anderson, despite his attorney (and colossal sop) Mark Geragos claiming otherwise, must’ve sung to the Feds because “the statements in the indictment all concern Bond’s interactions with Greg Anderson.

Well if that’s the case, you would think personal trainer Anderson’s career is ruined. After it came out that he ratted on Bonds, no one, and we mean NO ONE will ever trust him to spot up on a bench press again.