Bonds’ Record HR Ball Not Going To Hall After All

For those worried about Barry Bonds’ asterisk-branded home run record ball causing all sorts of controversy at the Baseball Hall of Fame, worry no more. The ball’s not coming to Cooperstown, after all.

Barry Bonds asterisk baseball

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that talks between the Hall and Marc Ecko, the fashion designer who owns #756*, have “unfortunately reached an impasse.” The problem? Ecko wants the ball to be only a loaner:

“The owner’s previous commitment to unconditionally donate the baseball has changed to a loan. As a result, the Hall of Fame will not be able to accept the baseball,” the Hall said in a statement.”

Should the owner choose to unconditionally donate the ball to the museum at a future date, we would be delighted and of course, accept his offer,” it said.

When a guy pays $750,000 for a baseball, he can pretty much do what he pleases with it. And with all the negative publicity attached to Bonds & his alleged steroid use, it’s one exhibit the Hall could likely survive without for the time being - until A-Rod or someone else breaks Barry’s record*.

Bonds has threatened to boycott the Hall if the asterisked ball were put on display. With this latest news & without a spot on any current MLB roster, Barry has plenty of time to pay a visit.

But it’s not like the Hall will be completely empty handed when it comes to Bonds’ record-breaking* blast. Barry did donate the batting helmets he wore when he hit both #755* & #756*.

Barry Bonds Helmet

Wonder how the helmets were able to fit through the front doors.