Baron Davis Ready To Go To War With Mavericks With Real Bullets

SbB Girls Brittany and Rebecca in Santa Monica, CA:

SbB Girls Brittany Rebecca in Santa Monica, CA

• BARON IS GUNNING FOR THE MAVS, QUITE LITERALLY: The BASKETBALL JONES has this screen grab of Baron Davis this weekend in a pregame “bullet” fedora:

Baron Davis Fedora

Maybe it’s just me, but they look more like Bic ballpoints than bullets.

• The WIZARD OF ODDS and ARMCHAIR GM pile on the mountain of evidence that is, if you’re banking on player performance based on NFL Draft position, you might as well jump into an impromptu dice game in the backstreets of Guadalajara while you’re at it:

ArmchairGM NFL Draft

All you have to do is gander at this comparison from ARMCHAIR GM to know that when drafting a player, Results are not typical. Mileage may vary.

• Thanks to RUMORS AND RANTS, we know now what NFL teams are officially in bed with Mel Kiper, Jr.: Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Detroit and Oakland (also see the obligatory First Round score for four NFL Draft experts).

Mel Kiper Jr

While we’re on the subject of Mel Kiper, Jr., how come we’ve never seen Mel Kiper, Sr. with some sort of gravy train - like a book on how to turn a former loser of a son into a well-respected NFL Draft expert.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE notes that during the Warriors-Dallas broadcast on TNT Sunday, Charles Barkley was in typical form: “SUCK IT, SIR CHARLES. (Dumbass had the balls to say the only place worth living in CA was Los Angeles during the halftime report.)

Charles Barkley Talk to Chuck

I live in L.A., and that’s one more reason not to Talk To Chuck.

• STILE POINTS actually has the unmitigated gall to call Kirk Herbstreit’s judgement of college football talent into question: “Back in November after Ohio State beat Michigan - again, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was the driver of the Troy Smith bandwagon…..

Kirk Herbstreit

Herbie was adamant the Browns must take the hometown kid with their first round pick because he is a winner and the Browns need someone with his ability to win the big games and change the losing mentality…..uhhh Herbie, so far 99 picks have been made and six quarterbacks selected….but still no Troy (SbB: he eventually went in 5th round, 174th selection) … time, leave your bias in your Columbus home….