Barkley Vs. Bavetta Is No Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral

BARKLEY CAN’T MAKE A BAVETTA ON VEGAS FOOTRACE: The particulars are set for Saturday’s extreme footrace between Charles Barkley, 43, and NBA referee Dick Bavetta, 67, and they go as follows:

– 235 feet will be the distance, from baseline to baseline and then to half court at the Thomas & Mack Arena.
– TNT, which will televise it as part of its All-Star Saturday events, will match the NBA and donate $25,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas.
– Marv Albert may have to do the call.

I have not really spoken to anyone who is rooting for Charles,” said Albert of the race. “It’s very sad; people just want him to have a depressing weekend.

We can’t find any Vegas book that has posted odds, but we’d have to go with the man who’s by far in better shape and only fears an occasional stuffed mascot.

No doubt, Barkley will bet heavily on his heavy self, lose, and then brag about it (ex. “I can afford to have a weight problem“).