Barkley Lost $100K, Not $400K On Super Bowl Bet

Earlier this week, Charles Barkley talked to Jim Rome about how much he lost betting on the Super Bowl this year. Barkley claimed that he changed his bet to the Patriots because he was swayed by the “experts” at ESPN. Here’s part of the exchange - found by The 700 LEVEL, via THE BIG LEAD:

Rome: “How much did going with the experts cost you (on your Super Bowl bet?)
Barkley: “About $400,000.”

So everyone assumes Barkley lost $400K on the bet. But in an interview last week with Dan Le Batard on WAXY-AM in Miami, Barkley makes it clear he did not lose $400K (audio link after the jump).

Instead he was soaked for only $100K. (Goto 1:24 of audio link)

Dan LeBatard

Le Batard: “What’d you lose, what’d you lose Barkley?”
Barkley: “I could’ve won $400,000 on the money line.
Le Batard: “And you lost? …
Barkley “A hundred, I bet a hundred on the game.

Let’s be clear, Barkley wasn’t lying about losing $400K when he talked to Rome. In his response he meant that his bad bet cost him the chance to make $400K. At least that’s the way we took it.

We’re sure Barkley doesn’t mind the exaggerated confusion. It only continues grows his legend to (almost) the size of his waistline.

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