Barack Obama’s Golf Swing Could Use Some Work

Last week, Charles Barkley revealed his plan to finally fix his ailing golf game: reality television. And while it’s pretty much accepted as fact that Barkley is the planet’s worst duffer, there’s another celebrity/would-be politician whose swing looks like it could use a little tightening.

Barack Obama plays golf

KGMB-9 TV out of Hawaii caught up with the Democratic nominee playing some golf during a recent visit to the state that brought us Amaya and Tek. Although Barack Obama’s swing looks nothing like this, I feel confident in writing that his chicken winged approach to hitting a golf ball is something Sir Charles can only aspire to.

One of GOLF MAGAZINE’s Top 100 Teachers, Brady Riggs, actually took time out from helping old ladies learn to hit their 14-wood to critique Obama’s swing, and here’s the takeaway:

Obama needs to be a little more aggressive through impact and really go for the jugular. That would get rid of his miss left. … Right now, Obama has the swing of an athletic guy who plays just a few times a year. His swing actually looks like a good right-handed player swinging left-handed. Everything is in the right place, but the result is not all the way there. Lots of potential though.

Obama’s swing reminds me of President Clinton, another left-handed player…

Here’s to hoping that Obama, unlike Bill Clinton, doesn’t need 50 mulligans to claim he shot 80.