Barack Obama Led Occidental College Basketball Team In Scoring In 1979

JUST KEEP DONAGHY AWAY FROM THE VOTING MACHINES: SPORTS REVIEW MAGAZINE spotlights the strangely unreported college basketball career of a certain Democratic presidential candidate: “Barack Obama attended the school (Div. III Occidental College) from 1978-1980 and was the school’s leading scorer in basketball in 1979.

Obama Basketball

Jim Acho on why the media has eschewed taking it to the Barack: “Obama was considered a ‘George Gervin type’ by one ex-coach I spoke to, but I wonder why it gets no mention. Maybe the Obama camp is playing it down for fear of some type of ‘black man and basketball’ stereotype/reprisal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Acho himself is the subject of a reported imbroglio of sorts between Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan.