Barack Obama & John McCain To Appear On MNF

Over the last few months sports and politics have crossed paths many times as Barack Obama and John McCain continue to do everything humanly possible to get votes, and realize that sporting events are a great way to reach the male demographic.  That’s why Obama was in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago saying he was rooting for the Phillies, and that’s why John McCain and Sarah Palin have been dropping pucks at hockey games.

Well just because the election is this Tuesday, that doesn’t mean either candidate is ready to sit back and let the votes fall where they may.  No, they realize they only have one more shot to get to us sports fans, and they’re going to take it.  Which is why both Presidential hopefuls will be showing up on Monday Night Football this, you guessed it, Monday night.


In the final hours before the polls open on Tuesday, Barack Obama and John McCain will make a final appeal to football fans.

ESPN has announced that both Obama and McCain will be interviewed during halftime of the Monday Night Football game between the Redskins and Saints.

Chris Berman will interview both candidates separately. The interviews will be taped during the day on Monday and will air at halftime.

Both of these men want to be President so bad they’re willing to subject themselves to being interviewed by Chris Berman.  I can only help but wonder what nicknames Berman will give the two as he introduces them.   Barack “Drops Back And Throws” Obama?  John “Help Somebody Stole” McCain?  The possibilities are endless.

Plus, I’m setting the odds that one of the questions Berman will ask each candidate “Do you think you could.  Go.  All.  The.  Way?” at 1/15.

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