Barack Obama Hopes to “Re-Educate” Vikes Fans

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE learned two things about Barack Obama on Thursday: 1. He supports his hometown Chicago Bears, and 2. He’s not afraid to show his loyalty in enemy territory.

Barack Obama Vikings fan

The Democratic presidential nominee was making a campaign stop in Fargo, ND, when he noticed he was in the midst of many Minnesota Vikings fans. Barack then decided to joke around with the backers of his NFC North rivals.

During a Q&A session of his visit, Obama told the Vikes supporters, “You guys need to be re-educated,” followed by a rousing shout of “Go Bears!

It may be all in good fun, but who knows how the Minnesota voting public will react? This is the same state that elected former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura as governor, and was the only state Walter Mondale carried in the 1984 presidential election vs. Ronald Reagan.

So, maybe Minnesota voters have a great sense of humor, after all.

But Barack could have riled up Minnesota sports fans even more. Being in Fargo, at least Obama didn’t mention North Dakota State’s gridiron gouging of the Gophers last season.