Bar Fight Gets Roger Clemens’ Kid Koby Cuffed

Koby Clemens, the 21-year-old catcher for the Salem Avalanche and son of seven time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, was among three members of the Avalanche who were arrested early Sunday morning for what appears to be a good old fashion bar fight.

Roger and Koby Clemens

On Saturday night several members of the Avalanche team, who close their season today, were kicking back and throwing a few back at a popular Salem restaurant, Mac and Bob’s. Then at some point before the night ended, things got out of hand.

According to police reports “Police were dispatched to a disturbance in the restaurant’s parking lot at 2 a.m.” Clemens and teammates Mark Ori and Jimmy Goethals were arrested for their involvement in the disturbance.

THE ROANOKE TIMES reports, “Clemens and Ori were charged with disorderly conduct and Goethals with assault and battery. All three were taken to the Roanoke County-Salem Jail before being released on bond, according to a news release from the Salem police.

Clemens is hitting .268 this season with 29 doubles, seven homers and 52 RBIs while as THE ROANOKE TIMES says, “catching catcalls from fans and media as his father contends with allegations of cheating on his wife, Debbie, and using performance-enhancing drugs during his baseball career.”

The details of the events leading up to the fight have yet to be released, but if he’s anything like his old man the fight probably looked like this.

Roger Clemens as Skidmark