Bank Sues Michael Vick Over Restaurant Loan

GET IT TO GO - VICK NOW SUED OVER RESTAURANT LOAN: The legal assaults keep on comin’ for Michael Vick, as the canine-killing QB is now in trouble for not re-paying a restaurant loan:

Michael Vick Dog eating dinner

WSB-TV in Atlanta reports Wachovia Bank is suing Vick & his partner for defaulting on a loan used to open an eatery and wine shop. The Tasting Room restaurant and adjoining Atlantic Wine & Spirits opened in town last March, with Vick as a major investor.

But Wachovia is saying they never received any payments for the $1.3 million loan Vick & pal used for the dining & drink establishments. The bank is now suing for $940,000.

But they’ll have to get in line, as the Atlanta Falcons, 1st Source Bank, and the Royal Bank of Canada have already queued up in the Vick lawsuit line.

Michael Vick drinking wine

So far, the restaurant and wine store have remained open. But you better stock up on your chardonnay and maximize your merlot stash before the doors are locked for good.