‘Bama Students Vote Star WR To Student Senate

Admit it: You’re not quite the patriot you tell your parents you are. Sure, you’re registered and sometimes you watch CNN when they’re talking about politics, but you don’t really care about your right to vote, do you? Come on, don’t act like you’re the only one who votes for people with the funniest names and nobody else knows about it. And then there’s the write-in voting. Yes, writing in Jon Stewart is totally played out, but all in all, it’s just good, harmless fun, right?

Julio Jones
(Oh, come on, really? This guy?)

Well, not at Alabama. The university just held its annual student elections, and among the litany of write-ins was star freshman wideout Julio Jones. That’s barely news; Hulk Hogan probably got a dozen votes for student president, after all. But as the TUSCALOOSA NEWS reports, this wasn’t just one or two votes for Jones - he garnered enough support to actually win a student senate seat.

So was this part of a plan by Jones to get elected via write-in? Um… no.

Though he didn’t campaign, Jones got enough write-in votes to win a senate seat from his college, and, when notified of his win, accepted the position, said Kelli Knox-Hall, assistant director of Ferguson Center and staff member for the UA Elections Board.

“He did not campaign, to my knowledge, as a write-in candidate, but he got write-in votes for every office and most senate seats,” she said.

Okay, so let’s see. True freshman, zero stated ambition to hold any of the student government positions, and a schedule that includes both class (stop laughing) and football practice with Nick Saban. Surely he’ll appreciate the gesture, but decline on account of not actually wanting to be part of–

Once it was determined that Jones actually won a seat, Knox-Hall contacted the athletics department. When reached, Jones said he would serve, she said.

Well, of course he did.

We hope the newfound power actually drives Jones (temporarily) insane - not out of any spite, mind you, but we’re aching to see the spectacle of a goofy write-in vote going horrendously wrong. After all, waiting for Hollywood to come up with the idea would take years, and would probably involve that intolerable kid from Dodgeball and the Apple commercials. Just make it happen, Julio.