Bama Star: Another Outing With Ousted Booster

Three weeks ago this now-deleted Facebook photo of Trent Richardson having dinner with officially disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa surfaced on the site

Trent Richardson and disgraced Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar out to dinner. Again.

(Evidence of  disgraced booster’s relationship to Bama stars piling up)

Now a new photo of Richardson and T-Town Menwear Owner Al-Betar has come to light, with the two pictured at another dinner at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa on a different occasion:

Trent Richardson at dinner with Disgraced Bama booster Tom Al-Betar

With this new, photo-documented revelation, the NCAA rules violation scandal rendering  Julio Jones and Mark Ingram retroactively ineligible and Nico Johnson and Richardson currently ineligible seems only to be picking up steam.

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