Ravens Cheerleaders In D.R. For Calendar Shoot

The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, easily the only thing worth liking about Baltimore, are down in Punta Cana working on their new calendar for 2008. And while they may not be doing it with an eye on the environment, they’ll still help me keep track of what month it is all the same.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders

See the details on their trip — and more pics — after the jump.

Ravens’ New Media Coordinator and resident lucky bastard Dave Lang (not pictured) has been chronicling the trip on BALTIMORE RAVENS.COM, sharing his experience of hanging out with beautiful women while allegedly “working:”

Don’t get me wrong. The girls are having an —as 99% of them have mentioned in the videos — “AMAZING!” time here in the DR. But in addition to all the fun, this week has undoubtedly been grueling for them.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader

Oh yeah, there are videos on the site.

Dave mentions that some of “the girls” are running three miles at 6 am, instructing aerobics, participating in local fashion shows, and signing autographs, in addition to their regular photography.

I think Bill Ordine of the BALTIMORE SUN might have the right perspective on the plight of these sexy Ravens:

Dave writes that this calendar duty may look like a “sweet gig” but he assures us that it’s a lot of hard work, too (uh-huh). Well, I can understand that. For instance, someone has to retrieve those wayward volleyballs being hit by those cheerleaders.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader

The calendar is available for pre-order here.