Baltimore Orioles Scout Fired For Gambling Link

A scout for the Baltimore Orioles was fired at the end of June after his name turned up in a probe into illegal gambling. Major League Baseball’s investigative unit working with a federal investigation uncovered the link.

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The MLB investigative unit was formed at the suggestion of former Senator George Mitchell following his report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. Apparently the unit is trying to clean up all aspects of baseball.

An Orioles scout was fired late last month because he has been linked to a probe into illegal gambling, according to several baseball sources.Alan Marr, who was one step below amateur scouting director Joe Jordan, had been with the Orioles since 2004.

The Sun first reported Marr’s termination on July 5, and on Friday, citing anonymous sources, reported that Marr’s name had surfaced from Major League Baseball’s investigative unit in conjunction with a federal probe into illegal gambling.

The extent of Marr’s activities haven’t been released, but he’s looking at a year suspension from the game if he bet on baseball and worst if he influenced games.

Baseball suspends club officials for a year for betting on baseball games. Lifetime bans are issued if baseball finds that the official or player had a role in the game.

It’s doubtful that an amateur scout had a role in any games, so Marr is probably looking at the year suspension. Once he serves his time he’ll probably want to look for a new profession because baseball hates gambling more than steroids, HGH, and Barry Bonds combined.