Badgers Coach Using Twitter To Scout Opponents

If you’re an athlete, going on Twitter & posting anything more controversial than where you went to dinner last night is akin to handing Lenny Dykstra your investment portfolio and telling him to “figure something out”: it’s pretty much a recipe for disaster. Not only are you running the risk of some pesky blog picking up a juicy post or picture of you with a big bag of weed in the background, but apparently now you might be giving information to your next opponent.

Bret Bielema

Ahead of his team’s game against Michigan State, Wisconsin head football coach Bret Bielema said that he uses Twitter to find out what opposing players are up to before the game. Which seems kind of pointless, unless a cornerback posts that he’s “OMG so hungover LOL” the morning before the game.


“I’m probably not as good at it as I should be,” Bielema said. “What began to happen is, we would follow Twitter of opposing players. Find out things that they may say or may do.”

I think we’ve finally found an explanation to why the Badgers went 7-6 last season and found a way to almost lose at home to Fresno State this season: Internet addiction. Because - let’s be honest - what useful information is Bielema going to glean from the Twitter feeds of opposing players? Wouldn’t this time be better spent watching game film and working out a game plan for the week?

(Here’s a tip for college football fans: if your coach has resorted to lurking around Twitter trying to get “the edge” that will help your team win the game, it’s time to get the boosters rounded up and start collecting money for  a buyout.)

So be on your best online behavior, Spartan players! You don’t want Bielema knowing that you hate your geology class, or that practice went “really well” yesterday. Or that you are upset that your quarterback isn’t throwing the ball enough to you. Actually, you should probably actually avoid Twitter anything about that, just in case.