Bad Teams Make City Feel Bad, Lot Less $ Spent

Hey, Kansas Citians - did you know that having crappy pro sports teams can cost you not only peace of mind, but a few extra bucks in your pockets? It’s true.

Chiefs fumble Bengals

Rick Montgomery of the KC STAR reports on a new study that connects losing seasons with local supporters losing millions of dollars in personal income.

Economist Michael Davis of the Missouri University of Science & Technology (M.U.S.T.) and psychologist Christian End of Xavier University got together & studied the past 30 years or so of NFL season results & the fiscal effect its had on the host cities. Their results:

Bottom line, according to their tabulations: Had the Chiefs won 10 games last season instead of a meager two, the average Kansas Citian could have been expected to enjoy an extra $106.52.

That could get you an extra ticket to Arrowhead Stadium (probably end zone seats). But instead, the Chiefs woeful ways have cost them another customer whose butt could be filling that seat & enlarging it with hours of food concession purchases.

However, lousy teams doesn’t just mean loss of money, but loss of hope & self-respect. It comes down to whether your fan base has become a bunch of BIRGers or CORFers:

BIRG is short for “basking in reflected glory,” which presumably applied to the people of Pittsburgh after their Steelers won the last Super Bowl. Their moods were lifted, their work improved and they even pocketed extra dough, if the studies are correct.

CORF, on the other hand, can take hold of the adherents of awful teams. In “cutting off reflected failure,” fans emotionally detach and erect walls between themselves and what goes down on the playing field.

A CORFer grouses and says, “They lost.” A BIRGer glows and says, “We won.”

I would suppose Kansas City is full of CORFers at the moment. Might as well change the name of the town to CORF-as City.

On the other hand, it’s not like the Chiefs have had to economize by firing their offensive coordinator before the season starts. Oh, wait.