Bad Idea Dept.: Asking Mike Leach About Dating

Discovered today on the indispensable Sports - Mike Leach gives dating advice to a Texas Tech freshman:

Mike Leach on dating

Leach recommends a Lubbock restaurant as a locale for a first date and adds, “There’s very little salad at Cagle’s (steakhouse), so the girl will be forced to eat in front of you, which is something that women hate. But if you can make them do it, the earlier the better. The more they’ll conversate and show their true self.

More hookup nuggets from the coach after the jump.

Leach: “I’m a big movie guy, if you want to do more like I did when I was your age you can go to the Stars and Stripes drive-in theater because that’s what they had in Cody, Wyoming. But then you want to end it somewhere like some cool coffee shop type of place. Where there’s bizarre looking characters going in and out. So if the conversation isn’t going well, you can reference some of the characters you see coming and going from the place.

And then, if it’s a huge night and you’re really having a good time, then you can trade computer schemes. And emails and all that mischief people are up to nowadays which I know nothing about.

Having been jilted by so many high profile programs for jobs over the years, no wonder Leach has this act down pat.