Back To Square One For Ryan Perrilloux, It Seems

Well, the bad news is that Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended for Jacksonville State’s opener Sept. 5. The good news is that now he has some extra time to step up his hunt for Osama bin Laden. Perrilloux, who was jettisoned from LSU due to reportedly failing a drug test (among other transgressions), has not straightened himself out to the satisfaction of his new team, it appears.

Ryan Perrilloux

Perrilloux was suspended for the Gamecocks’ season-opener at Georgia Tech for “a violation of team rules in the spring,” head coach Jack Crowe said this morning. Just another chapter in the Perrilloux Story, the favorite chapter of which, for me, is when he thought he saw Osama bin Laden serving food at the Kona Grill in Baton Rouge.


Crowe said Perrilloux had violated one of the requirements he had agreed to as a condition to his transfer from LSU before last season. “He was put in an ‘at-risk’ category — and that’s a very general statement, sort of a standard term — and when you fall in that category you fall under stricter controls and you expect that kind of scrutiny.

“That scrutiny for Ryan has been extensive. His, in fact, has been the most I’ve ever seen. We created it that way.”

Crowe stressed that Perrilloux’s suspension was not because of any legal problem nor a violation of school rules. “It is a failure to comply with one of the requirements of his personal situation.”

Perrilloux signed on at Jacksonville State in May of 2008 following a tumultuous two seasons at LSU, where he backed up starters JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn and was called by some analysts “the next Donovan McNabb.” But unlike McNabb, Perrilloux had a talent for getting into trouble — the first major incident occurring in May of 2007, when Les Miles suspended him indefinitely for allegedly using his brother’s driver’s license to get onto the Hollywood Casino gambling boat.

(”Turkey san, hold the cheese, potato salad — your order is up.”)

At this rate, Perrilloux won’t get to the NFL until he’s 30. And with his history of boating shenanigans, it will most likely be with the Vikings.

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