Baby Believed to Be Second Coming of the Mighty Mangino

• CUBSDADDY’S BLOG thinks they’ve spawned the second coming of the real Mangenius, KU’s coach Mark:

Baby Mark Mangino

Mike Gundy has a pal in ON SPORTS, who rails against the media for daring to report a player’s 2nd DUI charge.• PART MULE takes a lickin’ but keeps on tickin’, as Maria Sharapova serves as a spokesmodel for wristwatches in the Middle East.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS wonders if the true Sioux do sue North Dakota U, what’s the pseudo-Sioux to do?

North Dakota Sioux flag

• GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES knows where athletes get their sneaky cheatin’ ideas from - Hollywood!

• Speaking of Tinseltown, THE BIG LEAD hears Romours that Tony’s been hanging with Britney.

• 100% INJURY RATE furnishes news that the couches Red Sox fans bought back in April are now free of charge:

Boston Red Sox glove chair

• Speaking of Boston baseball, RED SOX MONSTER presents another reason to hate the Nation - Kelly Clarkson is in.• Well, if Her Clarkness and Rudy Giuliani can be behind Beantown, the KENNEBEC JOURNAL reasons that Red Sox fans can respect Joe Torre.

• Holy Trinity! THE WIZARD OF ODDS has video of last Saturday’s “Mississippi Miracle“:

Trinity football laterals

Only one thing keeps this from being the greatest college football play ever - “THE BAND IS (not) ON THE FIELD!”• You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry: The SPRINGFIELD (OH) NEWS-SUN shouts out how Pittsburgh’s Big Ben feeds off of the hostility of Bengals fans.

• MODERATELY CEREBRAL BIAS has a crush on a female ESPN reporter - and it’s not Erin Andrews.