Ruth’s Relative Demands #3 Retired By All Of MLB

Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, has taken the opportunity of the (aborted) final Opening Day of the Heavily Modified House That Ruth Built and Then Pounded Repeatedly with Baseballs to reiterate her desire to see Granpappy’s #3 retired throughout the major leagues just like Jackie Robinson in 1997.

Babe Ruth, 1945

Unless Tosetti, a lifelong Red Sox fan, believes she has African-American blood, she seems to be missing the point. Jackie Robinson posthumously received the honor because Bud Selig legitimately worships Robinson, likes to keep reminding us that baseball’s totally not racist anymore, and somehow interest African-Americans in baseball again.

Which of these goals are served by Ruth’s number being ripped from Esteban Germ├ín’s back? None of them, which naturally leads to the true purpose of this charade.

Linda Ruth Tosetti continues to find new ways to get her name into the press and enjoy the reflected glory of Ruth. She’ll talk to anyone that slows down enough for her to chase down to tell them just how great Ruth was and how he should have his number stapled into the walls of all major league parks so she can show up at the ceremonies and have people applaud indirectly for her.

Then maybe she can write another book or make a grand tour of all the ballparks and sprinkle each large #3 with beer blessed with the spirit of the Babe. Then we’ll all get a big gawking look at Baby’s Baby Ruth and her life will have meaning and then she can go away. It can’t be too soon.