Audio of Ex-Aztec to Hoke: ‘F— You, F— Michigan’

Outspoken former San Diego State and NFL star Kyle Turley guested on the Scott and B.R. Show on XX 1090 in San Diego this week to talk about the departure of Aztec football coach Brady Hoke to Michigan.

Brady Hoke Kyle Turley

(Audio highlights below? Yesssir)

Combine one of my favorite radio shows, as the Scott Kaplan & Billy Ray Smith production has been for many years, with one of the few sports personalities who’ll unmute my ‘puter for more than a couple-six seconds and,  welp  … let’s just say that’s when the magic happens.

I can attest that the entire interview is a verifiable treasure already worthy enshrinement into the pantheon of great radio moments like Orson Welles‘ 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast, Russ Hodges’The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant!” call in 1951, and the complete archive of  David Lee Roth’s New York morning shows following his ascension into Howard Stern’s terrestrial radio timeslot. (Both weeks.)

Enough gush, some snipped clips:

Turley transcribed from that small selection:

“This guy (Hoke) get the kids (SDSU players) excited, everybody fired up, and all of a sudden sees a little shiny coin and smells some jet fuel with a ticket on it and here he goes he’s back to Michigan because that’s his dream job.

“I traded texts with him over the football season and talked to him personally on the phone. He’s trying to get me to come to the school and be a part of the program and ‘Aztec this’ and ‘Aztec that’ and it’s just a bunch of b.s.

“I texted him last night a few choice words … this is exactly what I said to him: ‘I understand what you gotta do for you and yours, but just he same,  ‘f— you and  f— Michigan, go Aztecs and I hope you lose every damn game.’”

Brady Hoke Ed Orgeron

With Hoke a losing streak away at UM from morphing into a cartoon mascot for Michigan’s opponents - see Ed Orgeron’s transformation at Ole Miss and Tennessee - one wonders if Turley isn’t so insane for questioning the coach’s move.

Okay, maybe not.

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