Sad: No Leinart Underage Girl Panic Button (Yet)

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart sure has learned a lot of lessons. Don’t assume a senior season means another BCS championship. Don’t impregnate your college sweetheart. Don’t think being a top-five draft pick is easy. Don’t assume you’re going to start just because the alternative is Kurt Warner. And don’t show up in drunken photos with girls. (This one took some practice to nail down.) And if you do show up in drunken photos with girls, be sure to tell the coach first.

Ken Whisenhunt Is Hugh Beaumont

(With Matty Leinart as “The Beaver”)

The LOS ANGELES TIMES spoke with Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, who said he heard about the now-famous Leinart photos from Leinart himself the morning they were published.

Whisenhunt, in this case, is playing the Hugh Beaumont role here. One minute it’s “I’m obviously disappointed that those pictures showed up.” And then it’s “But to me that’s progress, the fact you did communicate with me.”

We’re still waiting for Whisenhunt to proclaim, “but then again, maybe this is my fault too. After all, I have been extra hard on the boy. I guess we all learned something today. Now, how about a milkshake?

(Yes, that’s a 1950s TV show reference. No, Tuffy didn’t give me the idea.)