AVP Cheerleaders: Gentlemen, Start Your Cameras

It was a sad day when the AVP Tour ended its sponsorship deal with Jose Cuervo - mainly because event attendees would no longer be treated to the sight of the Cuervo Girls. But the absence of young ladies decked out in very revealing swimwear posing for pictures & tossing out t-shirts was hurting attendance - along with bad weather & a bad economy, too, I suppose. So the AVP is taking steps to remedy this situation and get more people back to the beach.

AVP Dancers

For this weekend’s Crocs Slam Manhattan Beach Open on the sunny shores of Southern California, ticket prices will be cut in half! The tourney will be expanded to 64 teams for more matches to watch! But most important of all - there’ll be cheerleaders!

(As always, plenty o’ more photos after the jump.)

The LOS ANGELES TIMES explains that the Manhattan Beach Open will feature the debut of the AVP Dancers - a group of gals greatly gyrating to the general public’s enjoyment. The dance troupe is said to include “former NFL cheerleaders as well as an ex-Laker girl.” (Hope that ex-Laker girl isn’t Paula Abdul or Tina Yothers.)

But here’s who we do know that’s on the team. (Click on the pics below for larger versions.) Among those are cutie Cachita:

AVP Dancer Cachita

Ravishing redhead Cheryl:

AVP Dancer Cheryl

Comely Karlee:

AVP Dancer Karlee

Marvelous Makenzi:

AVP Dancer Makenzi

Neat-o Nancy:

AVP Dancer Nancy

And wonderful Wealthy:

AVP Dancer Wealthy

(More pics & info can be found on the Dancers’ Facebook page.)

Yeah, the ladies look great, but how well can they bust a move? Luckily, the AVP offers us a little video preview:

Sold! Now I wonder what kind of refreshments will be available during the beachside balling. I, myself, would be in the mood for a Teriyaki Burger: