Avis: We Make It Harder To Like Yanks-Sox Rivalry

From the RED SOX MONSTER emerges an Avis car commercial rife with stereotypes about people from N’Yawk and Bahst’n. That’s actually how the cities are spelled, by the way. The apostrophes represent either pizza or lobster, depending on your point of view.

The HR representative introducing the new guy, I read in the commercial’s director notes, is actually a Blue Jays fan. You can tell by the lack of accent, character, and John McDonald-like gritty v-neck sweater.

Oh, the Red Sox and Yankees begin a series starting tomorrow. (But you already knew that. Logging onto MLB.com puts a cookie in your browser that automatically sends you e-mail alerts 24 hours prior to the first pitch of a Boston-New York series.) Enjoy the brief respite of most Yankees and Sox fans being slightly less insufferable than they are during these series of utmost media importance. (There are, of course, a couple exceptions.)