How To: Priceless Autograph Books For Dummies

WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids has the interesting story of a Michigan woman collecting baseball autographs. But what makes Margaret Lapham’s collection so special is how far back the signatures go - over 100 years.

Margaret Lapham Cy Young signature

Legendary Hall of Famers like Cy Young and Rogers Hornsby have added their names to the century of pages in Lapham’s little book, which was started by her father & grandfather.

Of all the big leaguers that fill her book, which is Margaret’s favorite?

Would you believe the Tigers’ Brandon Inge?

“I asked Brandon to write it so I could read it. So he printed his name then he wrote behind it, then he put an arrow. He says, ‘That’s how I sign it.’”

Having Curtis Granderson scribble in the same book as Al Kaline might lower it’s huge value to collectors (no offense, Curtis), but Lapham doesn’t care what Sotheby’s or Christie’s thinks, as she has no desire to put her book on the auction block.

“I know when George Kell signed it, he said, ‘Margaret, that’s worth a lot.’ But I said, ‘It’s my hobby. I’m not selling it.’”

Pretty priceless hobby.